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In his soon to be released book, “Creating a Global Village,” Marketing Expert and Global Village Founder/Board Chairman, D.G. Safeer Hopton says, “The world economy is inherently flawed and will continue to face challenges … a new paradigm of cooperation and service must replace the old paradigm of greed, conflict, competition, and war.”  

Please see book excerpts below.


Creating a Global Village


“A Co-op Guidebook for

Wealth-Building & Community Service”

In this unique book Mr. Hopton will reveal and explain 7 easy steps to recycle your money and create wealth through a unique business formula that utilizes “Friendship Building” and a not-for-profit Co-op business model that “puts people before profits.” Learn how to:

  • Recycle your money on purchases and receive up to $2 on every $10 that you as well as your friends and family spend on everyday purchases online and offline.
  • Shop with merchants locally/globally that financially reward you with cash that goes directly to your Bank account … a true ongoing economic stimulus program.
  • Create daily residual income for the rest of your life without selling anything.
  • Raise funds for your favorite non-profit/worthy-cause while keeping money in your neighborhood to create more jobs and employment opportunities.
  • Own/ and operate your own “Global Shopping Mall” and “Cash Rewards” program at no cost and make a profit.
  • Establish/and maintain customer loyalty programs that guarantee repeat business.
  • Co-Brand your own Prosperity Card for your non-profit or business that enables you to earn thousands of dollars in cash when your supporters/customers shop with merchants globally.

Hopton emphasizes, “many people in our society wish they could find a way to escape their 9-5 jobs, especially if they are not receiving joy from it. Are they working because they need the money? If so, the money soon becomes their God. As an alternative, we have pioneered a new and unprecedented economic paradigm for wealth-creation that was developed to give people a way out of this trap – an economic, social, psychological, and spiritual parachute. We created an economically sustainable system that enables people to do the things in life they truly love; things guided by the heart. Through a practical approach of cooperation and service with each other, we show you how to prevent yourself from being trapped by conditions that you don’t enjoy or support.”

“This one-of-a-kind wealth-building program was created as a vehicle wherein people participate in a practical system that actually enables them to recycle the money they spend every day back to themselves. We see money as consciousness and energy, nothing more than that. We teach people to see money as a means of exchange; they are enabled to recycle it and make manifest the idea of “prosperity consciousness.” The process of actually doing this every day in a practical way is vitally important because it becomes recorded as wisdom in their being. Our system of cooperation and service with each other is a powerful alternative to the current competition/conflict mentality that seems to have many people pre-occupied with the idea of putting profits before people. The existing economic paradigm is unsustainable due to the gap between rich and poor.”

Book Pre-Ordering and Media Contact: Rick Galen: 480.232.4238

The views expressed in his book are those of Mr. Hopton and not the Global Village Cooperative Association

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